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toyyibPay Payment Gateway

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So toyyibPay has been making their grounds in the payment gateway industry. Offering a low per transaction fee as well as an easy setup, no wonder lots of people are registering with them. They made a big hurra when they offered to the industry with a RM 0.00 cost! you read that right! It was FREE! the caveat that comes with it is the merchant can only get the amount after 5 days. Many months later,

Toyyibpay means comes from the arabic word ‘Toyyib’ which means good. And the suffix -Pay is a term that is used very common among payment gateway operators. Some notable ones are: iPay88, KinteticPay, MOLPay, RazorPay, Payhere…and many more. Since payment gateway does help you transact money online, the term pay jives in perfectly with the service they are offering.

The third there a few fields that has to be completed prior to the signup.

1. Username :
2. Password:
3. Email:
4. Nama Individu/ Organisasi :
5. No telefon :
6. Jenis bank :
7. no akaun bank :
8. nama pemegang akaun:
9. no pendaftaran rob/roc :

Once you’ve completed it, you will get a message from Toyyibpay showing:

toyyibpay confirmation post registration

The third and final thing is you should consider is registration. Some payment gateway providers need a registration free. some don’t. some need for you to upload a picture of the company’s bank statement, a proof of some sort of certification, etc.

Among the benefits that they offer are:
1. You can still apply for the FREE transaction fee for…

2.Their Facebook support are quite good

3. Have an affiliate system

4. You can test the payment gateway (you dont have to use real money) by trying a testing version

toyyibpay pricing:

Click on the button below and tell us what you think about their offering.

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