Why you need HTTPS

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If you notice closely enough, the background picture behind the word superman shows a picture of a website without a https (a picture with a lock and red line on it) and one with a https. Let me just mention 3 simple things on why your website should have https (a picture with a lock) on it.

1. Speed

Https are faster than http. According to, it is on average faster by 80%. If you were to visit a site, a slow site will surely irritate you and if you were a seller, your slow website will probably cost you a few sales.

2. Secure

Now data sent over a website using http in front CAN be intercepted from bad guys. Since we don’t live in a utopian world, surely every now and then there will be digital crooks around. An example would be, you are going to purchase an item from an online shop. Once you press submit to send your name, and banking details, there are probability that those details CAN BE STOLEN! if you were to do it via a website that has https in front of it, the data that YOU have keyed in and the data that YOU submitted are now replaced by a bunch of different alphabets, letters or symbols so that the hacking party would not know what you’ve sent.

3. Free

Let’s Encrypt. Now that is a gamechanger. It used to cost quite some penny for you to have a https on your website…


Apart from those three that we have mentioned, Google also say that websites with https are ranked higher.

Websites that rank higher (ranking in page 1 is considered higher than ranking in page 2) statistically shows that they get YY% higher clicks than their page 2 neighbours


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