More Reason To Have A Website

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With the news that a vaccine is on its way, COVID-19 surely has changed a lot of how we deal with things. From purchases, what can be done online, and less usage of physical exchanges. Since more people are afraid of going out to buy things due to COVID, police roadblocks, kids hovering at home and various other stuff, online shops are more reason as why you should get one to accompany your physical shop. Lets go through one by one.

1. Showcase your products easily. No need to print out brochures to tell your customers what you have. They can scroll, scroll then buy!

2. Have you tried Foodpanda, Grab Food, Dah Makan before this? Surely you have. Have you visited their physical office? Surely you have not. This is because their presence is mostly digital. You go to their website, download the app and make purchases/bookings. Why haven’t you follow suit? Considering the age of milennials and the rise of more digital group sets, by hook or by crook you should at least have some presence digitally. Or not people won’t know who you are, what you are selling, where is your real location, and how legit you are. People are less prone to buy something from a Shaddy online seller.


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