Toyyibpay Payment Gateway

Studio 61 toyyibPay Payment Gateway Estimated reading time: 2 minutes So toyyibPay has been making their grounds in the payment gateway industry. Offering a low per transaction fee as well as an easy setup, no wonder lots of people are registering with them. They made a big hurra when they offered to the industry with […]

have a website covid 19

COVID-19 Studio 61 More Reason To Have A Website Estimated reading time: 2 minutes With the news that a vaccine is on its way, COVID-19 surely has changed a lot of how we deal with things. From purchases, what can be done online, and less usage of physical exchanges. Since more people are afraid of […]


Superman Studio 61 Why you need HTTPS Estimated reading time: 2 minutes If you notice closely enough, the background picture behind the word superman shows a picture of a website without a https (a picture with a lock and red line on it) and one with a https. Let me just mention 3 simple things […]

Business Model

How You Get Money Studio 61 Business Model Estimated reading time: 2 minutes A business model is this: how you make money. Do they use it for free and have to watch ads (because the ads will give you money)? do they get to buy stuff inside your app/website? Do they have to subscribe to […]

Build Your Own Website

As Easy As ABC Studio 61 Build Your Own Website Estimated reading time: 2 minutes You surely want people to know what you are interested in, have a blog, or even sell something. To start it off, all you need is 3 things before we go further into other details. Those three are: 1) Domain, […]

Standard Operating Procedure

Benefits are plenty Studio 61 SOP Made Easy Estimated reading time: 2 minutes When you have a e-commerce website, your customer can easily browse what you offer, read up on you, and related accounting related documents (such as invoice, receipt) can be incorporated into the buying flow easily. It’s done automatically even while you and […]

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway Studio 61 Receive Money Online Estimated reading time: 2 minutes That’s basically it. Repeat: Payment gateway to receive money online. If you want to to receive money online, you’ve got to register and use a payment gateway so that people can buy/ give you money online. Uploading a document proving you’ve paid doesn’t […]