Sell while you sleep

Let your website sell your products while you sleep,
Show proof you made your clients happy,
Make money online.

Digital Designers

We Make Websites

Its TikTok Now

What kind of visual identity do you have? Perhaps nothing someone can search for you online?

Market Your Brand

Having a superb product means nothing without marketing. We learn about it early. you should learn about it now.

Perfect Design

Your idea comes first, then we can discuss. Nothing is perfect, so let's start somewhere.

Design Your Website

Start, Improve, Repeat

The start to any journey is a step

Your Design, Our Experience

Nothing feels better than letting your family, friends & colleagues know that you now have a website

Read up &

Own It

Want to build your own website?

let’s get things started by learning the 1, 2 & 3 first.

Payment Gateway

Have you heard this term many times before? We’ll explain it a bit here.

Start Small

You can then build an app or a sophisticated system to better manage your process. How does having concrete processes helps your business?


Time has drastically changed. You purchase your food via delivery. You buy your stuff via Lazada or Shopee. You rarely go out to restaurants…

COVID-19 Changes Things

If you haven’t seen the impact of being digital, let us share with you.

Should you wish to setup/ change/ explore a possible digital landscape,
please contact us and let us know.

Studio 61 © 2021. All Rights Reserved. Studio 61 Sdn. Bhd.

Studio 61 © 2021. All Rights Reserved.
Studio 61 Sdn. Bhd.